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Hi, I'm Sloan. Age 35

I live in: Saint Charles

my measurements: 6"2, 210

favorite artists/bands: Sublime, 311, Drum and bass, Sex Pistols

what I seek in a partner: Honest, got to smile as much as possible. No crying that breaks my heart. Lets face it if there not cute well, Im shallow.

turn-ons: If they can dance, not that shake your butt crap, I mean dance. I want to see some skills. Oh and pretty eyes.(code).

turn-offs: You have to be open minded, dont ask me for anything, well you can ask for a hug or something, again if your cute.

why other users would find me interesting: Well if you want a guy who will kiss your a$$, then you might what to find someone else. If you want to have some fun and maybe laugh a little then Im that guy. Anyway thats it, thats all I got. Thank you fu@$&*!

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