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Hi, I'm Kev's Girl. Age 29

I live in: St Louis

my measurements: 5'4", 120#, green/hazel eyes, curly blonde hair

favorite artists/bands: Papa Roach, Disturbed, Bullet for my Valentine, Nelly, Eminem, Breaking Benjamin, System, Godsmack, Metallica- way too many to name!

what I seek in a partner: somebody honest, funny, smart, and outgoing like me----and, well, i've found it all already....sorry

turn-ons: my bf...lol, yes, i'm taken. MUSTANGS-Saleen and 05 are the best ones, but can't dis the '67, i like guys taller than me, blue eyes are always hot, good teeth, intelligence, athletic build, personality has to be cool and it'd be awesome if you were a hockey nut like me! Bleed Blue.....

turn-offs: cocky people, weed, drugs, alcoholics, insecurity, vanity, ppl that got kids, no car, no job, living wit ur parents without good reason, vampires, goth ppl, and people who are always angry-life is too short for that

why other users would find me interesting: i'm strange. i have also found that the fact that i can eat 6 white castles and a box of fries in about 7 mintues and still look like i do is somewhat impressive to most ppl....but i think i also have a good sense of humor, i am outgoing--i dunno get to know me and decide for yourself!! uh, if u have noticed, there is another profile of me exactly like this one, but that one is broken and i cant get into it so i changed the pic and put this one here idk computers suck.

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