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Hi, I'm Lulu. Age 28

I live in: Saint Charles

my measurements: I'm Short ^_^

favorite artists/bands: Avenged Sevenfold, Taking Back Sunday, Hoobastank, Staind, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Maroon Five, Linkin Park, HIM, System of a Down, Disturbed, Rammstein, Crossfade, Lost Prophets, 3 Doors Down, Adema, Evanescence, Goldfinger, Nickleback, Nightwish, and so on...

what I seek in a partner: My boyfriend Don, who loves to play video games with me all the time.

turn-ons: Video games, MMORPGs, Shaggy hair, dimples, cute smile, fast cars like Vipers, Corvettes, cars with big engines, and Eternity for Men cologne...

turn-offs: Country music, bad personality, facial hair, and people who can't carry on a conversation.

why other users would find me interesting: Why not? O_o

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