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Hi, I'm Ali. Age 27

I live in: Dupo

my measurements: ..what do i put in this spot? thats a weird questions

favorite artists/bands: Manson, old slipknot, tool, a perfect circle, drop dead, gorgeous, throwdown

what I seek in a partner: someone who is nice, sweet, can make me laugh, someone who wants to go out and have fun

turn-ons: guys who make the first move, outgoing, cologne..there is something about good smelling cologne

turn-offs: just wanting to sit around..that annoys me, conceitedness

why other users would find me interesting: I AM A FUN ASS GIRL! i know how to have a good time no matter where i'm at..i'm not obnoxious or annoying. just tell me to shut the hell up and i will lol.

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