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Hi, I'm Heather. Age 29

I live in: Desloge

my measurements: Not perfect, but still great

favorite artists/bands: I really like country...weird for this site, huh?

what I seek in a partner: Alright boys I'm freshly single so bring 'em on!! I WANT SOMEONE WHO WILL LOVE ME JUST AS MUCH AS I LOVE THEM!! Someone who is proud of me no matter how I fail or succeed. Someone who is totally honest.

turn-ons: Great smelling guys, beautiful smile, good dresser, someone who always lets me be right and most importantly GREAT SENSE OF HUMOR

turn-offs: Liars, cheaters, bad teeth, smelly breath, dry or no sense of humor, someone who talks about how much they make or spend CONSTANTLY...I'm glad to know you can take care of me....leave it at that!

why other users would find me interesting: I'm sure some of you have seen me on here before..I was skinner lol with short blonde hair. Anyways...I'm still the same person. I love to be outdoors and get dirty with fishin' or 4 wheeler riding. Then I love to get dressed up and go out with friends and have all of the boys stare..lol Just as normal as the next person, but I'm funnier.

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