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Hi, I'm Allison. Age 25

I live in: Saint Jacob

my measurements: I really have no idea. I'm pretty much a size small.

favorite artists/bands: Sugarcult, All American Rejects, Taking BAck Sunday, Kelly Clarkson, Christina, Dashboard Confessional, Ashlee Simpson....

what I seek in a partner: I'm looking for someone open and honest . I want somebody who's real from the get-go. Basically, I want a guy who knows how to treat a girl with respect, and isn't fake about it.

turn-ons: Humor, easy-going, light-eyes, chin hair, tounge ring, dark hair, taller than me, intelligent, easy-going, friendly, honest, dedicated, sense of morality...

turn-offs: judgemental, cheaters, liars, drama "kings", jealous types

why other users would find me interesting: I am one of the most easy going people you will ever meet. It takes lots of effort to get me mad. I am also in a good mood and happy pretty much all of the time. I always have a smile on my face, and I believe in taking life as it comes at you. I try to live for the moment, and have no regrets.

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