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Hi, I'm Mariah. Age 31

I live in: University City

my measurements: 5'2" 150lbs blonde / blue 36D thick / muscular / athletic

favorite artists/bands: Seether, The Beetles, Weezer, Green Day, Lee Ann Rhymes, Evanescence, AC/DC, LRB, Toad the Wet Sprocket, Dixie Chicks, Aerosmith, Red Hot Chili Peppers, POTUSA, Dave, Incubus, Sublime, 311, Urge, 2 Skinee J's

what I seek in a partner: Must like cats and dogs. I'm looking for someone who likes to try new things, is independant, low-maintenance, analytical, responsible, supportive, honest, outgoing, and enjoys time apart as well as time together. I want someone who is a good listener and can debate intellegently. It bothers me when people put up walls b/c they've been "hurt in the past." I'm looking for someone who is either currently in college or has graduated and/or has a career. Basically I want someone who is doing something productive with their life. I really like guys who can be described as a gentleman. It's important that a man has good, old-fashion manners and treats women well.

turn-ons: skinny dipping, confidence, patients, good hygiene, good posture, thinking outside the box, the ability to cook

turn-offs: smokers/drug users, arrogance, jealousy, selfishness, racism

why other users would find me interesting: I am laid back, out-going, and low-maintenance. I can find humor in almost any situation. I work at UPS. I am a history major / psychology minor at SIU-E and I am soon to join the air force. In my free time I like to go camping, hiking, fishing, rock climbing, mountain biking... pretty much anything outdoorzy. I play soccer and rugby. I have a black belt in TKD. I like archery, swimming, badminton, fencing, racquetball, bowling, and air hockey. I like to play euchre, SNES, and sega genesis. I'm a big cardinals/white sox/blues fan, and I like NCAA basketball (go Duke!). I enjoy giving and recieving massages. I'm into cars and motorcycles. (yes, I can ride) I am confident, open-minded, analytical, intellegent, and honest. I am a good listener, and I have overcome all odds to get where I am today. I don't play games, and I treat my man with respect.

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