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Hi, I'm Chera. Age 29

I live in: Dupo

my measurements: im.......heavy

favorite artists/bands: SOAD shattermask eminem linkin park...so on and so forth

what I seek in a partner: everyone always says the same crap...i want someone who is straight up with me about everything. i cant say exactly everything im lookin for because theres a chance im lookin for the wrong things.im pretty openminded so im down for about anything.

turn-ons: piercings tattoos humor ''bad boys''

turn-offs: bad breath conceited people lame jokes

why other users would find me interesting: cuz im crazy i like to have fun but theres got to be time to kick it and im kinda smart too:)...and if you are gonna write me to tell me that i am fat ummm duh! dont you think that i know that and i like the way i am if you dont that is your problem you are not hurting my feelings by telling me that and by the way fuck you asshole i have enough friends

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