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Hi, I'm Jennifer. Age 35

I live in: Edwardsville

my measurements: 5'9 135, small cha cha's and a fine backside

favorite artists/bands: Zappa, Mike Patton, Les Claypool, PJ harvey , the pixies, Blk flag, Misfits , Captain Beefheart, King Krimson, Deep Purple, Tom waits, R.L. Burnside, RHCP, they might be giants, The Breeders,NiN, Tool, System, Slayer, Sausage, Slint, I could go on and on and on......

what I seek in a partner: not really seeking but I love openminded individuals w/ dirty minds!

turn-ons: smirking jerky boys with something up thier sleeves and girls with mohawks

turn-offs: Plastic people!

why other users would find me interesting: Im seriously demented and twisted!

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