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Hi, I'm Amber. Age 29

I live in: warrenton

my measurements: dont worry you'll find out soon enough

favorite artists/bands: too many to name them all: nirvana, manson, korn, system of a down, pink floyd, ozzy, modest mouse, killers

what I seek in a partner: someone alive, who can make me laugh, will talk to me about anything, isnt emotionally constipated, likes to have large amounts of fun, can dance all night and can be both naughty and nice. i want someone who is comfortable in their own skin and can just be theirselves

turn-ons: sexy arms, dark hair, a great sense of humor, confidence, dancing, a good joke, peircings and tattoos, intelligence, bad boys, anything fast and dangerous

turn-offs: players, preppy pretty boys, people who talk out their asses, fakeness, liars, hypocrites

why other users would find me interesting: im funny, hella sexy, up for anything and you'll never be bored. other than that i guess you'll just have to find out

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