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Hi, I'm Heather. Age 28

I live in: Collinsville

my measurements: maybe if you ask, I'll tell...

favorite artists/bands: Breaking Benjamin is definitely one of my favorites, but I like A LOT of other ones too (I love Mest too, hence the picture... its Nick from mest)

what I seek in a partner: somebody who isn't... a prick, maybe. Is that possible?

turn-ons: Sense of humor, doesn't just want to get in my pants, intelligent, nice smile, smells good, and just a great personality overall

turn-offs: arrogance, being a smartass is cool but theres a fine line between funny and pissing me off, somebody who agrees with EVERYTHING I say(annoying), or somebody who just doesn't talk or have much of a personality

why other users would find me interesting: I don't really care if they find me interesting, but at least they know I'm not a skank because I don't have to put up pictures with my boobs hanging out to get attention or a good rating

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