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Hi, I'm Melissa. Age 29

I live in: St Louis

my measurements: 5'4", green eyes, curly blonde hair, 125 lbs, meas. are 34, 25, 36 (or close to that)- the pic is old and dark-does no justice!!

favorite artists/bands: Papa Roach, Disturbed, Atreyu, Nelly, Eminem, System, Godsmack, Metallica- way too many to name!

what I seek in a partner: somebody honest, funny, smart, and outgoing like me--and preferably without a kid

turn-ons: MUSTANGS-Saleen and 05 are the best ones, ( i own an 05) but can't dis the '67, i like guys taller than me, blue eyes are always hot, good teeth, intelligence, athletic build, personality has to be cool and it'd be cool if you were a hockey nut like me! Bleed Blue.....

turn-offs: cocky people, weed, alcoholics, and people who are always angry-life is too short for that

why other users would find me interesting: most people do...they like my hair...i have also found that the fact that i can eat 6 white castles and a box of fries in about 7 mintues and still look like i do is impressive to most guys....but i think i also have a good sense of humor, i am outgoing--i dunno get to know me and decide for yourself!!

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