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Hi, I'm Tuesday. Age 28

I live in: Desoto

my measurements: I'm 4'11, 116lbs, gettin a little beer belly lately, I'm so proud.

favorite artists/bands: Deftones, Tool. Primus, the beatles, led zeppelin, Billy talent, jonny cash

what I seek in a partner: acholism, or dont bitch about it. Or the weed. Or coke.(not that much) You have to like my snake too.

turn-ons: chicks, peircings, unique hair ,good taste in music, art

turn-offs: arm-pit hair, very very nasty. And most people, I hate dating. So much I've never been on a real date.

why other users would find me interesting: I have a 9 ft.snake named Manson, he's my baby

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