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Hi, I'm Kelly. Age 48

I live in: Hazelwood

my measurements: 5'9 - 165 lbs

favorite artists/bands: Zakk Wylde, Static-X, My Drum Projects, Type O' Negative, Ozzy, Anything BUT Country!

what I seek in a partner: Not looking.

turn-ons: Drums, Music, Composing, Coasters, Speed, Dirtbikes, NASCAR, Cool People!

turn-offs: Rude & ignorant people! Hillbillies, country music, the government who screws us all!

why other users would find me interesting: Professional drummer - (X-Drummer for Son Of William) 28 years drumming, since I was a little kid. Tommy Lee - favorite live rock drummer. I also play like Vinnie Paul, Lars, with Over-The-Top Live Performances! Still looking to find another new band who rocks like Static-X or Zakk Wylde (of Ozzy). Anything with heavy double-bass riffs. Anybody in St. Louis who can rock (guitarists, bassists, synth players or singers) give me a holla! Let's make some noise man! misterskary@yahoo.com

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