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Hi, I'm Megan. Age 29

I live in: Boulder,CO

my measurements: my boyfriend calls them "mammoth breasts" they look better than it sounds

favorite artists/bands: AFI.the used, death cab for cutie, taking back sunday, the dead, counting crows, alternative bullshit for the most part ...what can I say,, it's hard not to be mainstream

what I seek in a partner: Sense of humor,like andrew has,,, a hot bod,, also like andrew, handsome smile, nice teeth,,, I love ANdrew!!

turn-ons: hair!!

turn-offs: fattys, guys who think rat tails are "in",

why other users would find me interesting: All my friends think it's cool that I hit a cop last year,,, I did a month in jail and have one year of probation left...I don't care if you find me interesting..I'm just loking for friends b/c I love ANdrew Lambros

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