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Hi, I'm Megan. Age 28

I live in: Fairivew Heights

my measurements: 5'5" about 135lbs, i've got a nice @$$, but not the largest ###s

favorite artists/bands: Metallica, Audioslave, Slipknot, Korn, Tsumani Bomb, Story of the Year, Avenged Sevenfold, Fear Factory, Static X, Powerman 5000... and so many more.

what I seek in a partner: A really nice guy, preferrably a guy that is submissive, good sense of humor is a must, intellegence is a requirement, someone that wants to have fun and bs is always good, and one that is especially open-minded, bi chicks need people like that

turn-ons: piercings, tattoos, certian amounts of facial hair, long hair, spikey hair - especially if its unique, really gothic chicks.... ; )

turn-offs: Narcissistic people, pretentious people, sticks-in-the-mud, basically anyone that is full of themselves or is just prude and won't have fun

why other users would find me interesting: I'm artistic, i have interesting piercings and a tattoo i created myself. I love people of both sexes,and i am considered gothic i guess. I just love having fun and going out, and well you got to love someone that has a motto of "Nice shoes wanna F***?"

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