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Hi, I'm Kelly. Age 29

I live in: Red Bud

my measurements: 5'3 and 110lbs

favorite artists/bands: Disturbed, Manson, Tool, Rob Zombie, Godsmack, AC/DC and Ludacris

what I seek in a partner: As of right now, I'm a single woman!!!! I want someone who will appreciate what people do for them, and don't think that they are trying to win them over. That's not me!!! I don't do things for people just to win them over.

turn-ons: EVERYTHING, fast cars, nice cars, HARLEYS w/ LOUD PIPES, and big trucks!!!!!!!

turn-offs: Young boyz who don't appreciate what women do for them. The ones that think you want something from them just because you do something for them. Controlling people. People who have nothing better to do than talk shit about me and you know exactly who you are. I just wish that everyone would get off my shit for once!!!!

why other users would find me interesting: I love the POINT, but I still miss Woody and the Whipping Boy!!!!!

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