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Hi, I'm Sarah. Age 31

I live in: Hillsboro

my measurements: *Shrugs*

favorite artists/bands: Godsmack, Metallica, Staind

what I seek in a partner: A man that's not afraid to express himself, Without whining like a bloody bitch. Someone who doesn't worry about themselves all the time, But puts themselves second. Someone who's loyal, trustworthy, And faithful. Someone who will hold my hair up when I'm puking off the balcony :P

turn-ons: Real people, Someone who doesn't do anything and everything they can to get into your panties. Chocolate :)

turn-offs: Idiots, Bad breath, Cheaters, Assholes

why other users would find me interesting: I'm Australian, I like playing nintendo *Lol*, Here for 3 classes at Jefferson College, I like to party! Beer is good :P

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