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Hi, I'm Mary. Age 30

I live in: South City StL

my measurements: hmmm more than a handful on top.. thats all ya need to know ;)

favorite artists/bands: Green day, Staind, Korn, LOVE local bands (semidivine, just add water, red hot valentines, story of the year, nothing still.. etc)

what I seek in a partner: hmm... everything that my FIANCE is like.. take a hint ;) im ENGAGED!!! *sweet smile*

turn-ons: Guys that can dance, great eyes.. nice smile, im a TOTAL sucker for the dark hair and bright awsome eyes..

turn-offs: Big egos, liars, playas<~ im not going to get with ya.. so take your game somewhere else lol

why other users would find me interesting: I am outgoing, fun, love to party. I am not a liar and i am not fake. I will tell ya the truth whether it hurts ya or not. A true friend stabs ya in the front right? :P

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