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Hi, I'm Dawn. Age 40

I live in: Belleville

my measurements: ????Large Breasts, average waist and hips????

favorite artists/bands: Matchbox Twenty, Train & Linkin Park

what I seek in a partner: Honesty, Intelligence, Humor, Strength, Charm and Wit. Passion for Life and Love. Cares about what is going on around him. Loves his Family, Friends, Children & Animals. Helps old ladies across the street and kicks the ass of the pusre snatcher he just ran down!

turn-ons: Sexually Confident Men with Sensitivity

turn-offs: Sexually Confident Jerks!

why other users would find me interesting: I am smart. self sufficient! I don't need a man! I want the right one! I have a great sense of humor...bordering on Jim Carrey...yet I work in a Law Firm...(I hide it really well when I have too! lol!)! I have red hair and a temperment to go with it. My everday goal is to laugh and love life, enjoy my children and those close to me. And to make a difference, even if it's just one person!

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