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Hi, I'm Stacy. Age 29

I live in: St. Louis

my measurements: Dont honestly know - guess for yourself

favorite artists/bands: Hmmm...no total favorites but i like Goldfinger, Blink, Good Charlote, Puddle of Mud, A New Found Glory, Ok Go...yah thats more than 3 oops

what I seek in a partner: I'm pretty tolerant when it comes to relationships but I look for a guy to be caring and not toooo picky

turn-ons: Hmm I'm turned on by a guys legs and eyes and personality wise i like guys that are sweet to me

turn-offs: Skinny guys

why other users would find me interesting: Well...thats up to them but i mean i'm pretty talkative and I love sports and music and typical stuff...there's obviously more to me than that so if you wanna know leave me a note on here

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