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Hi, I'm April. Age 33

I live in: O Fallon

my measurements: 5' 7.5" 153lbs

favorite artists/bands: DMB/ Tool /311/Jimmy Eat World/NIN

what I seek in a partner: Someone who is fun and makes me laugh...I like to have fun I just feel that if you are boring you are a waste of space. And looks are important too oh and honestly you HAVE to be a good kisser I dispise the open mouth slobbering droolers --If I wanted slobber all over my face I'd make out with my dog.

turn-ons: Beautiful Eyes /Sexy Smiles /Abs/Sense of Humor

turn-offs: Bad Breath /annoying personality /cocky attitudes

why other users would find me interesting: Dude because I am April. I'm just fun! Many have said April is the life of the party --It's rough to keep up with me. Plus I am down to earth and logical I dont believe in fate but I do read my horoscope ...Claim to fame--I live with 40 hot sexy fraternity men--seriously-- I am thier advisor --people find this confusing but I find it way too much fun!

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