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Hi, I'm sarah . Age 30

I live in: st. louis, central west end

my measurements: 34, 23, 36

favorite artists/bands: Incubus, Better Than Ezra, Breaking Benjamin

what I seek in a partner: A cool guy for me would have to be able to relax and just have a hella good time. I love to party so he'd have to be able to keep up with me. No offense to anyone, but looks do matter. No matter how chill a guy is, I see what he looks like first so that's important.

turn-ons: Strong chest, pretty eyes, can hold a good convo(smart),

turn-offs: ass holes, guys who r conceited, talking about other girl in front of me.

why other users would find me interesting: Ummm.....i dunno! I'm cool to talk to and get along with everybody. I'm just laid back and pretty chill. I have my belly button pierced...(you can't see it in this pic cuz' i got it like 3 weeks later!), but it's sooo cute!

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