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Hi, I'm Maha. Age 41

I live in: Carbondale

my measurements: 32-26-34

favorite artists/bands: def tones,TOOL,s.o.a.d.,jimmy eats world,311,incubus,Tori Amos......

what I seek in a partner: a foundation yet he has to be ready to relax on a quick trip to the lake or a grill out with a few friends....has to be ready to get his drunk on and party..... he also has to be a sweetie (like pick me a flower every once in a while or tell me i'm beautiful) and he has to want to kiss me EVERYWHERE on my body and expect the same in return....

turn-ons: a really dirty, hard working guy that can clean up well.....strong but sweet and gentle with me...looks aren't really important but not ug!

turn-offs: backwards visor hats and rap music "player" kinda guys, guys who are just looking for a one night stand or laying it on too thick (ya know)

why other users would find me interesting: well im not sure........... but if they wanna go get their drunk on with me i guess we'd all know the answer to that eh? we can sit on the lake in my boat and listen to some TOOL........ have you ever done that?? it's wonderful........

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