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Hi, I'm Tabatha. Age 27

I live in: Saint Peters

my measurements: 5'7..110 lbs....36-24-36

favorite artists/bands: Pink Floyd, Breaking Benjamin, NIN, 30 Seconds to Mars, Sick Puppies, Panic!, Ludo, Any & All 90's Alternative, STP, Evanesence, Coheed, etc, etc, etc

what I seek in a partner: someone who takes me for who i am....who can have a good time, likes to go out and drink, have fun. Out-going, passionate, good sense of humor, comfortable in their own skin.

turn-ons: 'messy spikes', tattoos, piercings, confidence

turn-offs: cocky-ness, bad attitude, bad breath, ignorance

why other users would find me interesting: my nick-names are Crazy Bitch & Mskitty......just imagine the reasons behind them. hehehehe

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