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Hi, I'm Chloe Adrienne. Age 26

I live in: Swansea

my measurements: im 5'7 and a big girl but i love myself and thats important to me

favorite artists/bands: social distortion metallica the misfits dresden dolls tiger army tenacious d nine inch nails dropping daylight dragonforce megadeath the donnas cradle of filth shiny toy guns dropkick murpheys the bloodhound gang ect.

what I seek in a partner: i dont know tall loyal gentlemen has a backbone dominant? who the hell knows ill know when i meet them

turn-ons: peircings tattoos eyes tallness big hands pouty lips pale but dark hair the hip bones that stick out a little mmm

turn-offs: bad hygene spineless yelling arrogance deadbeats people who make me cry alcoholoics potheads-sorry im more important than the reefa boys!

why other users would find me interesting: im quirky and magical person full of a dark whimsy and sarcastic wit im loyal and giving i love to laugh and will stand by you

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