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Hi, I'm Darla. Age 40

I live in: St. Ann

my measurements: little tatas, nice ass

favorite artists/bands: Disturbed is my fave but I also love all other types of tunes. Some examples of that would be...Mudvayne, Elvis Presley, Akon, Dope, Frank Sinatra, Lady Gaga, Three Days Grace, Gwen Stefani, Lil' Wayne.... You get the idea right?

what I seek in a partner: Someone who is not an ass... Someone with a little class, sense of humor, patience, someone who can relax and watch a DVD with me and my kids or go kick it at the clubs with me and my friends...A best friend...

turn-ons: Abs, arms, tall, good kisser, sense of humor and a great smile always melts my heart.

turn-offs: Selfishness, lying (I mean come on-we're all grown ups...tell it like it is), deciet. I don't like pushy people. I've been hurt before and I won't deal with overly pushy.

why other users would find me interesting: I am a blend of many types. I get along pretty much anywhere and with anyone. I'm not one to judge unless you give me a reason to judge you. Everyone should get a fair shake at first. I love to cook, and I like being active. I love to rock out on the stereo and chill watching a flick. I can go to a club or hit up the local sports bar.

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