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Lux is the lone she-wolf in the Point's wolf pack. Raised on the mean streets of Chesterfield,This STL native, ex-sorority girl is pumped to be the sister in radio you never had. After 5 years of handing out stickers, driving the Point Trucks and....pitching the Point Tents, Lux is now in the studio LIVE for your auditory pleasure from 2-6p. With the Wayback at 5 she hopes to make the drive home from work the best part of your day(as if it isn't already).

Check back often to see her DO things on the "Lux Does...." video page,see photos from her instagram,and read her mental vomit on the blog. Ps if you want the UNFAIR ADVANTAGE on text to win contests follow her on twitter or 'like' her on facebook.

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