Lux Does it All

Doesn't it seem like radio jocks are all TALK and no ACTION?

Well I'm ready to STFU and just all. This is your formal invitation to WATCH!

If you have a suggestion(a real creepy guy living in your parent's basement I don't want to "DO" you) Email it ASAP to Video's posted often!


While on vacation I stopped by to see my buddy Stryker at KROQ. I met Stryker last year on my amazing Jameson adventure in Dublin. You recognize his voice from his co-hosting duties on Loveline with Dr. Drew, He has also hosted shows on MTV, Fox Sports, VH1, Fuse and Direct TV and has acted in several feature films, including Grandma's Boy, Out Cold and The Sweetest Thing. He allowed me to share my fear of driving in LA's world famous traffic on the air in LA. Please enjoy!

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