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Posted 11/17/2012 5:05:00 PM

XERO TRIBE is coming back at you with another awesomely themed party!

If you have never heard of Xero Tribe before, let me explain a little bit about them.

They are the fastest growing local DJ crew in the STL! Maybe you have attended one of their parties over the last few years. Each show Xero Tribe has thrown has a unique style, sound, and vibe. They are best known for giving each show a unique theme. One was Dr. Sues, another was all super hero’s. But their most popular have been the apocalypse theme parties. Zombie Apocalypse is the 3rd installment. First there was the apocalypse, then post apocalypse. But now the zombies have risen!

 Some of the best local DJ’s from around your hood will be there!

LOCAL PERFORMANCES BY: Vic Damone, Gucci, iRell, Kevo, Mohawk, Brian R, Henzo, Matt French, Meechie Murda, and DJ Republic.

HEADLINERS: DJ Shortee, Dustin Holton, RoeVy, and Dozer.

9pm-4am. 18 to get busy, 21 to get dizzy. $30 at the door, but you get a discount if you are dressed up as a zombie or zombie hunter.

At theSt. LouisSkatium.

120 Catalan street

St. LouisMO,63111

Still not sure? Check out this video from Xero Tribes last apocalypse themed party. DON’T FORGET TO DRESS AS A ZOMBIE OR ZOMBIE HUNTER!

Posted By: Loren