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Loren is the newest addition to the Point's line up of jocks. You can hear him on Saturday nights, so tune in and be sure to let the new guy know what you think of his show!

Posted 10/29/2012 10:11:00 AM

If you don't know i am a hardcore gamer by now, you probabely don't listen to me that much on the radio. It's cool, i won't hold that against you. But i want to start playing PS3 online with more of you! Sadly, i only own a playstation 3. no Xbox or wii, or PC.

My gamer tag on the PSN is Kid-Kosher. go ahead and send me a friend request. just put 105.7 the point in the message box so i know you are a listener.

Some online games you can find me on are Call of duty MW3, Borderlands 2, Little Big Planet 2, wipeout HD, warhawk, starhawk, and NFL 2010.

ALSO, let me know what your playing and if it's any good. reply below with your gamer tag and what game you are on the most right now.

Hopefully i'll see you on the PS3!


Posted By: Loren