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1st 4 Minutes of IRON SKY
Posted 5/26/2012 1:08:00 PM

 Nazi’s attacking earth from the moon? HELL YEAH! Sign me up.

It's strange. I am Jewish. But if there is one thing I have always loved, it’s a kick ass movie involving Nazi's. Maybe because I was raised on Indiana Jones as a child. Maybe they are just the perfect bad guys history has ever conceived! Am I wrong? So now this movie IRON SKY is coming out this summer. It has that tacky si-fi look to it, I eat that stuff up. Plus they are saying it’s more of a comedy, so don’t take this too seriously. None the less, I’m going to give the box office another hard earned $8.50 from my wallet. I found the first four minutes leaked online. So have a go at it. Be sure to comment what you think about this film so far in the comment section below.

Posted By: Loren