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New Total Recall trailer and 160 awesome Arnold quotes.
Posted 4/14/2012 5:45:00 PM

OK- So Hollywood’s next re-make is going to be one my favorite Arnold movie of all time! Total Recall. I was skeptical at first, being the ubber movie dork that I am. But after watching the trailer, I have to say it looks badass. Plus the whole Kate Beckensale and Jessica Beil being in the movie thing doesn’t hurt either. Check out the new trailer below. I just hope they bring back the 3 boobied woman, and chick who says "two weeks" before her head explodes.

Looks good right? But, there is still something missing. What could it be? ARNOLD F'ING SCHWARZENEGGER! Watching total recall with Collin Farrell is a tad like watching the terminator remake with Elijah Wood. Something just doesn’t fit. No one could ever live up to the govenators one liners. So if you need an Arnold fix to balance out not seeing him in that trailer, check out the 160 best Arnold quotes below. It's a great video.

Posted By: Loren