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How badass is this tat / piercing?

Where is this tattoo / piercing? Back
How long have you had it? 7 years
How many tats do you have? 5
How many piercings do you have? 2
What's the story behind this tattoo / piercing? Basically it started with the scorpion tattoo in the middle of my shoulders that I got with my ex-girlfriend that cheated on me from the beginning. I later found out that she had made a bet with her friends on how long she could pull it off and I got the tattoo with her. So I then talked with another tattoo artist about the sob story and explained how I wanted to kill her memory that is implanted on my back....He thought it was an awesome idea and he offered bio mechanical project on my back. He then said that he would free hand everything that way nobody else could get a hold of the design. I said awesome and I knew he was a pure artist because I asked him during one session how did you just free hand that out of no where....He then laughed and said "Lots and Lots of acid" lol....I thought it was awesome he free handed the whole thing and I would like to get the left shoulder done, but every time I get money to do it some catastrophe occurs and I lose the money to do it. So please take my awesome tattoo and story into consideration for the becoming a winner thanks. The first picture was the beginning, second picture was the second session, and the third is where I'm stuck and must finish soon!!!
Submitted by Jamie from De Soto, MO On 5/1/2012


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