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Oni Nacone


How badass is this tat / piercing?

Where is this tattoo / piercing? Middle of my back
How long have you had it? 2 years
How many tats do you have? 1 and a half (the first one was so small, it doesn't count)
How many piercings do you have? Just my ears
What's the story behind this tattoo / piercing? I wanted a tattoo, but nothing was really jumping out at me. Then one day, my son (as silly as this is going to sound) hugged the tree in our front yard (I am NOT a tree hugger) & he goes "I love you Oni Nacone". That’s it. I’ll get a tree. I wanted something that I designed….Then when watching "The Village" I got inspired by the creepy trees and began sketching. The story of receiving the tattoo is a fun one. I went to a paranormal conference in Louisville, KY. Yes, there was a tattoo artist who had set up shop on a thursday night (as we were setting up our own booth). I handed the artist my sketch. He said sure, named his price and said, "well ya ready?" ha NO!~ i told him that I had all weekend to think about it. Friday night I went by, still no. Sat night went by...nooooooo. Sunday, an hour before we were to leave, i agreed to it. so, sitting in a banquet chair backwards, I proceeded to receive my ink. wow. what fun. Not to mention the artist was so short that he was SITTING ON MY ASS THE ENTIRE TIME! I told him, "hey dude, for the amount you have been squirming back there, I think you should pay ME for this ride! LOLOLOL I love my tat, not matter what rating it gets. And that is what matters. <3
Submitted by Andi from Lebanon On 3/14/2011


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