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Sacred Heart Tat


How badass is this tat / piercing?

Where is this tattoo / piercing? On my left arm above my bicep.
How long have you had it? Since I turned eighteen.
How many tats do you have? Two but I have plans for my whole back.
How many piercings do you have? Three, unfortunately I recently took out my fourth(lip ring)
What's the story behind this tattoo / piercing? This was the only tattoo my grandpa on my fathers side ever got because its only image/idea he was ever passionate enough about to have permanantly etched onto his body. He got it while in the military and always told me if I ever got a tattoo I needed to get it first thing for him and proceeded to tell me about the sacred heart like who it belongs to(Mary and Jesus). Well I knew i wanted multiple tattoos at an early age, so as soon as I turned eighteen I called my grandpa and told him I was on my way to get my sacred heart and he asked me to come over first. When I got to his house he gave me two hundred bucks and told me that should cover it and sent me on my way. My grandpa died on December 2, 2007 and I was unable to make it to his funeral so whether I receive this $200 or not the next tattoo I get will be is a tombstone with his initials and deathdate on it on my left shoulder blade right behind his sacred heart.
Submitted by Ian from St. Louis, Missouri On 8/12/2008


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