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INK GALLERY WINNER Feb. 2014 2-2014 Rita I've been running for about 10 years now, it's something I love to do. I enter a lot of 5k races and the running community has become like family to me. That's why the Boston Marathon bombing hit me so hard. One day I hope to actually be able to participate in a Boston Marathon.
INK GALLERY WINNER Jan. 2014 01-2014 Eric My Girlfriend and I tragically lost our baby boy Landyn 20 Minutes after birth and were not prepared to deal with the hardest thing any parent ever has to go through. I got this tattoo so everyday I can look down at it and think how blessed I was to have a beautiful son even though he was taken so soon.
INK GALLERY WINNER Dec. 2013 12-2013 Rob This is my tattoo of lady justice.
INK GALLERY WINNER Nov. 2013 11-2013 Kelly My Phoenix represents my "id", a term in psychology created by Sigmund Freud that describes our most basic animalistic instincts we all inherently have.
INK GALLERY WINNER Oct. 2013 10-2013 DG This was a tattoo i had gotten when i graduated college she is my lady luck and i am proud of this tat.
INK GALLERY WINNER Sep. 2013 09-2013 Brandy Got this tattoo for my grandma. She used to sing a country song to me, I hated the song!. She would make me sit on her lap and just sing away just to get a laugh.
INK GALLERY WINNER Aug. 2013 08-2013 Ryan As a kid I had childhood cancer. I had the opportunity to meet my favorite Cardinal, Ozzie Smith. I have always been a huge fan of the Cardinals so I felt this was a great way to support not only my team but my all time favorite player, Ozzie.
INK GALLERY WINNER Jul. 2013 07-2013 Joshua I got it in memory of my Grandmother. It symbolizes the saying that life is gold, and time is the thief.
INK GALLERY WINNER Jun. 2013 06-2013 Ryan Had a great dog that turned my familys perception of pitbulls around. After adopting her she passed of kidney failure, too early. She was so sweet - the best.


Matthew I like women and music, so thats what happened...a woman with a harp.
INK GALLERY WINNER Apr. 2013 04-2013 Justin I am a huge Simpsons fan and I have always wanted to get a half sleeve of Simpons stuff. I started with this, and just haven't had enough $ to finish it up.


Casey This the second tattoo of many in the start of a thigh sleeve. The meaning behind it is "even beautiful things in life can hold you down."
INK GALLERY WINNER Feb. 2013 02-2013 Melanie I was spiraling out of control in my early 20s and decided I needed balance in my life, the tattoo has earth, air, fire, water, (the essential elements) sun, moon, meditation, ying yang.


Tori Impulse decision to get matching tattoos with a guy and a girl I had been dating in a poly relationship.
INK GALLERY WINNER DEC. 2012 12-2012 Irene Every section has a story, and I look forward to the day it can grow again. Much covers scars from a childhood that was not easy, but the ivy covering them is a daily reminder of what I have overcome.


Dennis This tattoo was to represent the 10 years I have been married. The clock is set at 10, the flowers are for our two girls and the banner reads “Good Times”. Oh yeah and the skull is just awesome.
INK GALLERY WINNER Oct. 2012 10-2012 Dave I love the old school games and Zelda was one of my favorite games. I got 5 hearts to symbolize myself, my wife and my 3 children.


Bryan I'm a big fan of traditional Japanese tattoo design, this is what my favorite artist Dustin Mendenhall came up with, when I asked for a foo dog.
INK GALLERY WINNER Aug. 2012 08-2012 Dan I beleive this is only 50% complete in my mind. I would love to get more detailed with it.


Tricia Just an awesome tattoo that Jay Dell at Ink Well Tattoo in Fairview Heights drew up and tattooed.
INK GALLERY WINNER Jun. 2012 06-2012 Kate Invader Zim is my favorite cartoon.


Cori It's a painting by Esao Andrew's titled "The Hangover" and at the bottom it says "To Write Love On Her Arms". The saying at the bottom is a foundation against self harm and suicide prevention, the painting just happened to fit perfectly with it.
INK GALLERY WINNER Apr. 2012 04-2012 Nick I got this because I love to skateboard, it is my one and only passion.


Nina Bottom dragon is New Zealand/Maori design in Maori flag colours (red white black) top dragon has US flag in tail and is US flag colours (red white blue) Middle dragon is me between two worlds (NZ and US).
INK GALLERY WINNER Feb. 2012 02-2012 Kerri This is my tribute to the amazing woman who raised me and my equally amazing children.


Ali Got in memory of dad.
INK GALLERY WINNER Dec. 2011 12-2011 Johnathan It inspires me to keep pursuing the dream of having my own show.
INK GALLERY WINNER Nov. 2011 11-2011 Heather This was my 19th bday present from my parents. I designed and drew it myself.
INK GALLERY WINNER Oct. 2011 10-2011 Ali I got the wings to tell alittle bit of my life ... They aren't perfect, they appear to have gone through some though times, just as I have.
INK GALLERY WINNER Sept. 2011 09-2011 Doug My wife and I lost our son who was born 17 weeks early, this is to remind me of him
INK GALLERY WINNER Aug. 2011 08-2011 Kylie I think I have cool initials "KEZ" and when I put them into a font design I fell in love with it, so I decided to permanently put it on my body. It's unique and it has become part of who I am.
INK GALLERY WINNER Jul. 2011 07-2011 William wanted to get an awesome tattoo in a painful area
INK GALLERY WINNER Jun. 2011 06-2011 Stacy No story, just awesome!
INK GALLERY WINNER May. 2011 05-2011 Aaron My wifes first tattoo. She wanted the lillies to represent our 2 kids. The daisy for her mother and the key for her father.
INK GALLERY WINNER Apr. 2011 04-2011 Kristen No matter what happens in my life there will always be people who will have my back and will carry me
INK GALLERY WINNER Mar. 2011 03-2011 Matt Do I really need to explain?
INK GALLERY WINNER Feb. 2011 02-2011 Aimee I turned 30 and decided it was time to live my life for me, by my own rules.
INK GALLERY WINNER Jan. 2011 01-2011 Kelly For my niece who I was very close to growing up passed away the day before her 21st Birthday
INK GALLERY WINNER Dec. 2010 12-2010 Erica I got this tattoo for my birthday last year for my parents.
INK GALLERY WINNER Nov. 2010 11-2010 Teah it makes me smile
INK GALLERY WINNER Oct. 2010 10-2010 Jamie This is my grandma, my guardian angel.
INK GALLERY WINNER Sep. 2010 09-2010 Sam i was 18 and needed a tat and ive always been a cards fan so i knew i wouldnt end up not likin this one down the road.
INK GALLERY WINNER Aug. 2010 08-2010 Sean I needed something to show the love for my family, city, and Blues!
INK GALLERY WINNER Jul. 2010 07-2010 Nathan It represents a family tree
INK GALLERY WINNER Jun. 2010 06-2010 Stefanie I own this guitar. Ibanez Grim Reaper special addition.
INK GALLERY WINNER May 2010 05-2010 Corrina My husband and I decided to get tattoos for each other, but we didn't want to go the "name" route, so we decided to have each other's signs.
INK GALLERY WINNER Apr. 2010 04-2010 Alex I have ALWAYS loved wolves and always said I would one day get a tattoo of one.
INK GALLERY WINNER Mar. 2010 03-2010 Tiffany I got it for my grandma whose name is rose and it's my favorite flower and my middle name too!!
INK GALLERY WINNER Feb. 2010 02-2010 Matt It's to ward off evil and have my back
INK GALLERY WINNER Jan 2010 01-2010 Vic My best friend Jason did the tattoo he has done all my tattoos
INK GALLERY WINNER December 2009 12-2009 Kelly I got this PEZ tattoo because I have over 800 PEZ dispensers...becausePEZ is awesome!
INK GALLERY WINNER October 2009 10-2009 Ashley Alberst I was in a car accident when I was 17 and had to have 7 surgeries because of it. I wanted to give up a couple times, and told myself that when I got through it all, I would get a tattoo of a phoenix.
INK GALLERY WINNER September 2009 09-2009 Kricket My little sister wanted a tattoo forever, so when she turned 18, I took her to get her first. Since we're both Scorpios and very close, when she asked if I'd like one too, we got these matching.
INK GALLERY WINNER August 2009 08-2009 Tracy I love the look of a tat on a person.
INK GALLERY WINNER July 2009 07-2009 Cassie Maag I'm a huge fan of artist Tony Mash, i fell in love with one of the prints he produced...had a few things changed and tah-dah!
INK GALLERY WINNER April 2009 06-2009 Julia Loehr I love what it represents! Celebrating life is a wonderful thing! Eat,drink and be merry, for tomorrow we will die!
INK GALLERY WINNER MAY 2009 05-2009 Rebecca Smith Represents where my parents are from.
INK GALLERY WINNER April 2009 04-2009 Louise Komorek It's an adaptation of the photo "VJ Day Kiss" altered to show the St. Louis Arch in the background instead of the photo's original Times Square (NY).
INK GALLERY WINNER MARCH 2009 03-2009 Sam Lewis I'm a firefighter and i wanted to get something that no one else had
INK GALLERY WINNER FEBRUARY 2009 02-2009 Sean Campbell My g/f totally suprised me with my version of good vs evil tattoo that i had been talking about for the 6 months prior! It was a total shocker
INK GALLERY WINNER NOVEMBER 2008 11-2008 Timmy Korte I went into Iron Age and asked what they could do to cover up the mess on my shoulder. Barber hooked me up with this tat and for the first time in 6 years I'm not embarrassed of my ink.
INK GALLERY WINNER OCTOBER 2008 10-2008 Rex Lutz Two bands with two kiler logos, combined to make one great tat. Meaning: Godsmack's sun still burns bright after ten years...but new bands like Breaking Benjamin are beginning to shine through!
INK GALLERY WINNER SEPTEMBER 2008 09-2008 Sheana Syron When I got married, I wanted something to symbolize growth, also, the dogwood is the Missouri state tree.
INK GALLERY WINNER AUGUST 2008 08-2008 Scott Anderson After being married to a tattoo hating person for 17 years it was only fitting to get a tattoo after our glorious divorce!
INK GALLERY WINNER JULY 2008 07-2008 David Medlin I got the angel tattoo first and I planned to have a religous theme. I have a cross on my left forearm.
INK GALLERY WINNER JUNE 2008 06-2008 Matt Thorton This is a portrait of my granma when she was young.
INK GALLERY WINNER MAY 2008 05-2008 Jerry Files I got it done at Screamin' Demon in Fairview Heights. There is no particular reason i got this tattoo other than the fact that i thought it was badass.
INK GALLERY WINNER APRIL 2008 04-2008 Christopher Palmer When we got there I proceeded to eat all of his Little Debbie snack cakes. About $60 dollars worth actually. My buddies thought it would be a great idea to get the logo as a tattoo.
INK GALLERY WINNER MARCH 2008 03-2008 Christopher Banas I got this tattoo while stationed in Japan by Hiroyoshi III and Fanatic Tattoo in Yokohama, Japan. I found the drawing in an issue of Tattoo International.
INK GALLERY WINNER FEBRUARY 2008 02-2008 Matt Taylor Everyone was afraid of freddy as a kid and now that im older im a huge fan, so why not get him on me for life :P
INK GALLERY WINNER JANUARY 2008 01-2008 Monica Lancaster This is in honor of my son. It has his name in it.
INK GALLERY WINNER DECEMBER 2007 12-2007 Steve Engelman It is a dedication to my little sister who would have turned 21 this year. I believe that Alphonse Mucha's work really brings out the true beauty of women through art.
INK GALLERY WINNER NOVEMBER 2007 11-2007 Matthew Mizulski the little bastard just follows me around everywhere i go.....
INK GALLER WINNER OCTOBER 2007 10-2007 Tony Correnti The design of this tattoo is from a 1922 liberty dollar coin ... When he died, it was passed on to my Dad who continued to carry it in his wallet. My father passed and the coin was given to me.
INK GALLERY WINNER SEPTEMBER 2007 09-2007 Callie Pitt This is my own design - a triangular yin and yang, and a windmill - it represents a balance of power and a need for change and movement.
INK GALLERY WINNER AUGUST 2007 08-2007 Dave Bement Just a kiss freak
INK GALLERY WINNER JULY 2007 07-2007 James Baca The Koi is a symbol of Luck in Japan. They also represent perseverance and triumph over adversity. My mom is japanese and I was born in Japan, so needless to say, I love japanese art.
INK GALLERY WINNER JUNE 2007 06-2007 Lynzy Welker This is my latest. I bought matching tats for my husband and I for Valentine's Day. I have a grey wash shaded koi with his name in kanji underneath.
INK GALLERY WINNER MAY 2007 05-2007 Jeff McCatty Bull is my sun sign. Father is Jamaican. Lotus, symbol of intelligence and wisdom.
INK GALLERY WINNER APRIL 2007 04-2007 Veronica Ashbaker I loved old school sailor sparrows but I wanted something a little different that was meaningful to me. Something that showed strength and fragility all in one.
INK GALLERY WINNER MARCH 2007 03-2007 Nicole Unnerstall I came across a stained-glass peacock that I thought was beautiful, and I took this picture to show Trevor Collis, my artist.


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