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blood clots and blackholes


How badass is this tat / piercing?

Where is this tattoo / piercing? down my right side; lower left hip
How long have you had it? 3 months, 1 year 3 months
How many tats do you have? 2
How many piercings do you have? 9
What's the story behind this tattoo / piercing? well the cross and music staff displays my passion for music and my beliefs. I had my good ol bro draw that one up for me. love it. as for the piercings... im not a fan of the traditional belly ring so i thought...hey, why not add two more. the dude told me not to do them all at i got the one then went back to another tattoo place the next day and got the sides done. yea, thats how i roll. now the monster tattoo... this guy took some long ass hours, a good amount of pain, and a sacrifice of no food for at least a week. i got the dream catcher because im into that stuff and my dad and i used to make them when i was growing up. the hemp and peace sign represents my hippie style and my love for one of my past best friends. then, if ya look closely... my name is written in phonetics (because im going to school to be a speech-language pathologist and we're cool enough to have our own alphabet) right underneath the sunburst. speaking of the sun, yea thats where the color and some
Submitted by ashley from glen carbon illinois On 5/19/2007


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