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Freedom Wolf


How badass is this tat / piercing?

Where is this tattoo / piercing? R Shoulder Blade
How long have you had it? Since April 17, 2010 (my 18th bday!)
How many tats do you have? 1
How many piercings do you have? 0
What's the story behind this tattoo / piercing? All of my life my mother was VERY controlling. Most will say she is psycho. She litterally controlled every aspect of my life. Also she is a very prejudice person. I came out as gay and she hated it (especially because she believes all gays should die.) I then realized I am transgender (FTM). I have not told her because she stated one time that if I tried to be a boy she would drop me from insurance, kick me out, and never help me again. Paying for college is going to be hard, as well as paying to transistion. I have ALWAYS loved wolves and always said I would one day get a tattoo of one. I started planning when I was 13. I originally wanted a wolf jumping ot of a cage but the cage didnt translate into a tattoo well. So then I came up with a wolf with wings. Not only is the wolf my FAVORITE animal but it also is often used to represent teaching since native americans studied the hunting habits of wolves. I am doing my best to educate people about the trans community and help people understand that we too are just people. The wings symbolize gaining freedom by turning 18 and becomming who I TRULY am.
Submitted by Alex from Bridgeton, MO On 4/25/2010


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