Pointfest 22


Pointfest 22 was held on Sunday, May 18, 2008 at Verizon Wireless Amphitheater.

Atreyu was scheduled to play the main stage, but they were forced to cancel, because the band's flight from LA was grounded. Sick Puppies canceled due to a death in the family. Blind Melon was scheduled to play the Jagermeister Stage, but the band canceled. Rogers Stevens of Blind Melon explained the cancellation on the band's website by stating "There are some political things afoot that it's best for me not to go into. In addition, we were mistakenly booked for 5 shows in a row, which we didn't know about until last week." Local band Severed Ties also had to cancel due to their drummer sustaining an injury from a car accident.

Pointfest 22 featured:

Main Stage

  •     Serj Tankian
  •     Shinedown
  •     Killswitch Engage
  •     Filter

New Amsterdam Stage

  •     Coheed & Cambria
  •     Hurt
  •     Ludo
  •     10 Years
  •     RED
  •     Safetysuit
  •     Cavo

Jagermeister Stage

  •     Finger Eleven
  •     Copperview
  •     Cavo
  •     Theory of a Deadman
  •     Scary Kids Scaring Kids
  •     LucaBrasi

Pop's Local Stage

  •     Iron Fist Dillusion
  •     The New Translation
  •     Soul Descenders
  •     Sunday but Summer
  •     Course of Nature
  •     Strych 9 Hollow
  •     Bare Knuckle Conflict
  •     Feed the Flame
  •     Inimical Drive
  •     Severed Ties (canceled due to injury of the drummer)
  •     Never My Silence
  •     Fivefold