Pointfest 21 was held on September 30, 2007 at Verizon Wireless Amphitheater.

Hed PE was originally scheduled to play but they were removed from the line-up. The band cited issues getting one of their members a passport to make it back from their European dates. Reported issues were linked to the member's past encounters with law enforcement officials. Pointfest was to be the first date of their US tour.

Pointfest 21 featured:

Main Stage

  •     Breaking Benjamin
  •     Three Days Grace
  •     Seether
  •     Finger Eleven was originally scheduled to play but the lead singer lost his voice.
  •     13 Days(mainstage winner)

Iron Age Studios Stage

  •     Copperview
  •     The Daybreak Boys
  •     12 Stones
  •     Evans Blue
  •     Hurt
  •     Saliva
  •     Chevelle

Main Street Bistro Stage

  •     Shaman's Harvest
  •     Lapush
  •     Sick Puppies
  •     The Starting Line
  •     Mutemath
  •     Sum 41

Pop's Local Stage

  •     Behind the Blindfold
  •     Brookroyal
  •     D-railed
  •     Blinded Black
  •     Allusive
  •     Soul Descenders
  •     Social Slave
  •     Leo
  •     eclectic fusion
Listener Photos