Pointfest 12 was held on May 21, 2000

Goldfinger, the Mighty Mighty Bosstones, and Everclear all encouraged fans on the lawn to climb down and fill the empty reserved-seat sections, which led to a confrontation between Everclear's Art Alexakis and a security guard during Everclear's set.

Slipknot and Mudvayne were scheduled to perform at Pointfest 12 but cancelled on the day of the show for unknown reasons.

  •     311
  •     The Mighty Mighty Bosstones
  •     Everclear
  •     Our Lady Peace
  •     Goldfinger
  •     The Nixons
  •     Stir
  •     MxPx
  •     Die Symphony
  •     Toadies
  •     Mesh
  •     Blue October
  •     8stops7
  •     Colony
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