Major Back Up


What years were you on-air with The Point?

March of 95 to May of 2005

What features did you do on your show?

Major back Up Trafffic Reports

Who else was on the show with you?

Mornings with Jeff Trish and Thom

Afternoons with Eric Schmit and Traci Wilde

What are your most memorable experiences from your time on The Point?

Interviewing  Vanilla ice as Major Back Up and talking about his appearance in the Ninja Turttles Movie it freaked the hell out of him. Climbing the Antenna Tower on top of the old Cole Street Building. Frissbee War in the Long Hallway at Cole Street and our hallway whiffle Ball_games. Judgin Woody and Whipping Boys Pumkin Ass Painitng contest. Starting the Fight With the Urge in the Point Urge Hockey Game. It was all in good fun.

What are your most memorable Pointfest experiences?

The Pointfests were always amazing On The Roof Of Then RiverPort Plaza Shooting the T-shirt Cannon. Getting to meet all the huge and up and coming bands was always a treat. GoldFinger on the Side Stage enough said.    

What are you up to now?

1065 The Arch and 101 ESPN

Want to check out some audio from Major Backup? CLICK HERE