20 Years of the Point and photos of Loren Mayer

Your on-air name at The Point:

Loren Jacobs (The Weekend Dude)

What years were you on-air with The Point?

December 2010 - present.

What features do you do on your show?

Way back weekend, friends and followers weekend.

What was your most memorable experience from your time on The Point?

There are too many to count. Some of the best I can think of are my in-studio interview with the crystal method. Walking with the point crew at the St. Louis mardi gras parade. All of the point hoho shows from 2012. Seeing Tony Patrico throw up on the morning show(on several occasions). Also I will never forget Jeff Burton’s advice on my 1st day of work.

Jeff: You nervous?

Me: Yep.

Jeff: Just go spank it in the bathroom down the hall, that’s what I always do.

What was your most memorable Pointfest experience?

Meeting all of the point listeners face to face. Broadcasting my weekend show LIVE at pointfest. Meeting bands I grew up listening to, and listen to now. Standing on the main stage with the rest of the Point crew announcing the headliner on. Sitting on the lawn of the Verizon wireless amphitheater with all my friends around me, watching Incubus perform at Pointfest.

What are you up to now?

I am still doing weekends on the point. You can hear me Friday through Sunday. During the week I run Woody and Rizzutos web show on 1057thepoint.com, while also acting as the FCC sensor. Also, on weekends you can find me DJing electronic music at local bars and clubs under the name Kid-Kosher.