What years were you on-air with The Point?


What was the name of your show?

Regular Air Shift and The Local Show

What features did you do on your show?

Local Show- Sunday Nights

What is your most memorable experience from your time on The Point?

Holding McGuires recording breaking homerun ball.

Getting arrested live on air with Jeff, Trish, and Thom for closing down East bound 40 with a sign that said "Honk To Save The Arena." 

My 1st air shift.

What is your most memorable Pointfest experience?

Billy Joe Armstrong throwing me a sandwich because I was an intern and didn't have money to eat

My 1st main stage announcement Run-DMC.

Do you have any old Point promo items, t-shirts, etc? If so, what?

Tons of Pointfest shirts, baseball jerseys, hockey jersey, coat, opening day shirt.

What are you up to now? 

Working for Q Prime.

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