This February The Point is celebrating our 20th Anniversary - from when we first launched on-air back in February of 1993!

Since then we've played thousands of songs, had dozens of DJs on the air, rocked through 30 Pointfests, and even ditched that old triangle logo!

Now we need the help of the old-school, longtime Point listeners to help us celebrate "20 Years Of The Point".

Send us your old photos and memories of The Point back in the day. Got pics of you at a Point show back when Mississippi Nights still existed? Got a recording of your favorite old school Point DJ back in the 90's? Still have your t-shirt from one of the first Pointfests?

TO SUBMIT: *Just fill out the form below and attach your your old school Point photo, video, audio, etc. Be sure to include your name, email, the year that the content is from, and a short description so we can give you credit if we put it on the website.

*Not all submitted content will be displayed on 1057thepoint.com